Feeding birds/Birding and more birding

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Snow bunting
As the temperatures dive to -5c and even -15 in the Fraser Valley, the birds that winter here still need to search out food.
Likewise photographers don't pack away their gear. As important as the right lens are the wool socks, double layered trousers, balaclava, hand warmers, gloves and a flask of hot coffee.
Feeding the birds in cold weather
: We have 5 feeders in our backyard and have had Stella's jay, Ruby-crowned kinglets, European starling, House sparrows, Pine siskins, Dark-eyed junkos, Spotted towhee, Song sparrows and a Merlin.
My photo expeditions have included numerous visits to Boundary Bay to photograph the Short-eared owls, Northern harriers and the Snowy owls. Not to be overlooked are the snow buntings, white crowned sparrows, robins and others birds to be found along the dyke.
I also had a successful trip to photograph Black oystercatchers and a recent trip to Brunswick Point rewarded me with a Black-bellied plover, a new species for me.
The picture of the Snow bunting was taken at at Boundary Bay as it flew close by to the Snowy owls.
I promise to provide more updates.