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A female grizzly makes a meal out of a sockeye salmon.
Grizzly Bear watching with Ecotours-BC.
Ecotours-BC's bear watching adventures are as unique as they are amazing. The adventure began with a six hour drive from Vancouver up to the small village of Likely on Quesnel Lake. After meeting hosts Peggy and Gary Zorn plans were made to boat out to the Mitchell River early next morning.
The 45 mile boat ride became increasingly more interesting as daylight lit up the incredible scenery along the lake. The Mitchell River is fed by the glacial melt from the ten thousand feet Caribou Mountains that feed Quesnel Lake, a deep freshwater fjord that is the home to both sea going and landlocked salmon. It is this great natural wealth that sustains a healthy population of grizzlies.
The tours are led by Gary Zorn the 'Bear Whisperer" who gently guides us down the river. Suddenly, he points to three bears feeding on sockeye salmon. None of us had seen a thing, but his expert eye had seen a movement on the river bank. Slowly he nudges the boat to a spot were we can observe one of the wonders of nature. A truly amazing and humbling experience.
For more information contact John Gordon 604 533-7171 or Eco tours-BC at 1-866-299-9100.